About Us

Caballo Bravo Longhorns began in 2006 when we purchased a small herd of Registered Texas Longhorns from out of state just to have as pasture ornaments.

Cathy and I fell in love with the breed and I having many years of experience in the A.I. industry thought we would improve our small herd through A.I. Looking around for some top bulls to breed to resulted in a visit to the End of The Trail Ranch in Kansas to take a look at the great bull Boomerang and Mike & Debbie Bowman’s other top herd sires. After spending a day with Mike and Debbie, looking at bulls and hundreds of top longhorn cows, we quickly came to the conclusion that we had started with cows that were not of the quality we really wanted. We purchased some Boomerang's and other Bowman herd sire's semen and came home, sold our cows and stared over.

We began to purchase and breed longhorns for great confirmation, color, gentle disposition and lots of horn. We prefer longhorns that are medium to large framed and consider sound udders and milking ability to be one of the most important traits in the breed to improve on.

Cathy and I enjoy participating in Registered Texas Longhorn Sales and have at various longhorn events met a lot of great people that have become very good friends.

We look forward to making many more friends. So, old friends or new if you are ever in our area, please stop by and visit.

Warren & Cathy

A day of setting up recips for embryo transfers

Warren & Rusty checking on a newborn

Cathy, Kate & Rusty having fun after morning chores

Warren coming in from the barn

Barn & Corrals